Internal martial arts consist of holistic training methodologies that transform the body and mind to produce Gong-fu, the essence of skill. To learn and actualise their principles means to change the body and mind, and how one uses them, in the most fundamental and beneficial way.

Forming both the first step and an ever deepening long term process it is in this simple and challenging undertaking that the real treasures of training can be found and not in complicated movements, techniques or theory. 

Rooted in the profound principles of ancient Taoism these arts offer a fascinating journey of process-based experiential training. Over time sincere practise builds the fundamental attributes essential for living life to the full from moment to moment and the underlying skillset necessary to do anything well: excellent physical and mental health, outstanding biomechanics and superb awareness.

Contrary to popular belief authentic arts such as Tai Chi (Taijiquan) present a significant physical and cognitive challenge to most people regardless of previous training experience or intellectual knowledge. Skillful guidance and hands-on corrections from an experienced teacher is essential to learn anything well and this is especially the case with Internal arts. There is no quick or easy way – like life the true beauty is in the process.