Internal arts such as Tai Chi (or Taiji) consist of training methodologies that develop essential body and mind skills often missed in other forms of training; as such they comprise an excellent resource.

To explore and actualise their principles means to gradually uncover and augment the natural attributes of one’s own raw materials – this changes the body and mind, and how one uses them, in a fundamental way. Forming both the first step, and an ever deepening long term process, it is in this experiential undertaking that the real-time treasures of training can be found.

As well as developing elastic ease, relaxed power and fluid balance, the bio-mechanics, whole-body awareness and connection that one can gain comprise a superb resource for those looking to optimise experience, function and sustainable performance – whether in sports, martial arts, music, meditation, modalities such as Yoga or Pilates, or indeed the rigours of daily life.

Internal arts training presents a highly rewarding physio-cognitive challenge – there is no quick or easy way and nor should there be. Like life, the true beauty is in the process.