Squeeze in some Squatting

First published in Tai Chi and Oriental Arts Magazine spring 2014

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4 Responses to Squeeze in some Squatting

  1. César Pose says:

    Hello. First I want to introduce myself. My name is César Pose for 30 years and some Eastern disciplines study Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong and Taijiquan also Yoga and some basics of other martial arts. My main interest is on the therapeutic properties of exercise. During the last 10 years I developed a system called “structural alignment” in which I include exercises of various disciplines to help balance tensegrity and improve the health of connective tissue. Use these exercises as initial stage of anything else and as the start of any therapy, not only in structural disorders but also in cases of emotional disorders and psychiatric disorders, where the results are very good. Today I read your article and I was surprised because the squat is one of the basic exercises that I teach. It is gratifying to see everything that hsa exposed, almost word for word, as I explain to my students and patients. I am currently learning Lao Jia Yi Lu Irina Fironova with my teacher, who is a disciple of Chen and Chen Bing Xiaowang and an excellent teacher.
    I like your posts and the seriousness and professionalism with which you do it. I hope to see you and share experiences. Thank you!

    César Pose

    PS: Sorry my bad English

  2. Dirk says:

    Greetings from Germany,

    regarding the issue please consider the books of Maik Albrecht and his references about squatting or in chinese taiwei (fetal curl). Unfortunately the books are only published in german language.
    Thanks for your work. I enjoy it very much. And inspires my training. Im a Wu Tai Chi practitioner in the lineage of Ma Jiang Bao.


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