Basic movement patterns and body coherence

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3 Responses to Basic movement patterns and body coherence

  1. Patricia Nepse says:

    It is the first time I read something coherent about TaiChi learning. Unfortunately I can not learn the basics unless on my own,as I am living in Bangkok. I always sensed that the basics were missing but never found anyone to teach them. I will try my best following whatever I perceive through your mails. Thank you so much.



  2. Yes! Everything you’re saying applies to movement in general. People don’t know what they’re missing and don’t necessarily think what they’re missing has value because they haven’t experienced it yet! The loss of “parts” of the body and instead experiencing the unity of your whole self is wonderful but often not a pursuit for many people simply because they don’t know that it’s possible. It all takes practice and you have to know what you’re practicing. That’s the focus of my work with others too.

  3. Thank you for this post! It’s a better explanation of why movement basics are critical than I’ve been able to manage, so I’ve shared it with my students.

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