London Workshop – Internal Essentials

Fansong Gong and Standing Meditation are the fundamental building blocks for good training in Internal Arts – I’ve previously written a number of articles about their many merits, both for those interested in IMA and anyone into any kind of mind/body/movement training. So I’m pleased to be running a workshop covering the essentials of both methods in London on September 23rd at the Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Centre located in Greenwich – details below.

The great thing about Fansong and Standing are that they are relatively simple training methods both of which seek to transform and reconfigure the raw materials of body and mind into something considerably more useful than their current state allows for. Simple, however, does not mean easy – they are physically and mentally demanding – however, once you get to grips with them they can serve as highly productive, insightful and sustainable long term training tools. In my experience students and practitioners who readily train them not only end up with considerably better health and body condition, but also much deeper body-knowledge, awareness and all round body-mind skill.

In brief, Fansong Gong seeks to open, release and condition the body at a deep and functional level. The exercises, of which there are many variations, iron out bound up tissues and liberate the joints – especially the hips, spine and shoulders that are so necessary for balanced, connected and relaxed whole-body movement. Not only do bound areas of the body inhibit overall functioning but also impede perception, body-command, tensional balance and flow of movement/power. Fansong also builds a clear sense of how the body is connected and woven together 3 dimensionally via the main fascial lines in the body.

Despite being a little different to most other forms of training, Zhanzhuang, or Standing Meditation, is a superb tool for building a highly integrated body structure that exhibits perceptive, fluid strength and balance. Similarly, it is an excellent method for calming and training the mind; regular training in Standing allows one to directly perceive and develop the fundamental mechanisms of ones body and mind in a way that is very difficult to accrue through movement alone.

Ultimately, both methods work together to form an extremely useful integrated physio-cognitive (i.e. body/mind) training process that combines the release of that which impedes us with building qualities that liberate. During the workshop we will explore a wide variety of Fansong exercises, Standing postures and related practises. There will also be also a short Q and A session at the end to make sure that everyone is clear on what’s what and able to take away some quality training tools to get stuck into.

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